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TeraFabric Plugfest测试取得新突破

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摘要:以太网行业首次大规模互操作性测试TeraFabric Plugfest将不同的厂商和技术整合在了一起,以便为下一代T比特级网络做准备。

TeraFabric Plugfest

作为致力于让以太网技术取得更大成功和进一步发展的全球性组织,以太网联盟近日宣布其已经成功完成了TeraFabric Plugfest测试。这一开拓性的互操作性测试将业内最大的和最主要的以太网产品与技术厂商共同放到了新罕布什尔大学互操作性实验室(UNH-IOL)搭建的多厂商测试环境中。在TeraFabric Plugfest测试中取得的成果,帮助以太网生态环境朝着实现下一代多厂商融合的数据中心网络[注]又迈进了一步。

以太网联盟市场营销委员会主席、QLogic公司高级技术营销市场经理Chauncey Schwartz称:“这是迄今为止范围最广的互操作性测试项目,其中涵盖了大量独具特色的厂商、产品和技术,它精确模拟了一个融合数据中心的所有特点。利用一个整合有多种速度、不同厂商、技术和协议的解决方案,我们成功搭建了一个1Tb级光纤通道网络架构,并实现了数据传输。得益于以太网的日益成熟和在TeraFabric Plugfest测试期间打下的坚实基础,我们已经做好了向未来T比特级网络进军的准备。”

在18家厂商参与的情况下,TeraFabric Plugfest制订了一套针对全行业合作与协作的新标准。参与Plugfest测试的厂商均为以太网交换机、存储、适配器、测试设备与布线领域的领军企业,其中包括Amphenol、 Applied Micro、博通、思科、CommScope、戴尔网络与戴尔EqualLogic、Emulex、富士康国际控股、英特尔、Ixia 、JDS Uniphase 、立维腾制造、NetApp、Nexans S.A.、Panduit、PLX Technology、QLogic、Samtec、西蒙、TE Connectivity和Volex公司。


新罕布什尔大学互操作性实验室总监Erica Johnson称:“随着不同技术逐步融合到以太网光纤架构中,互操作性测试对于一些演进中的新技术的成功有着极为重要的意义。UNH-IOL和以太网联盟有着共同的愿景,我们很高兴能够利用20年的以太网测试经验帮助以太网联盟在日益增多的异构型环境中实现更大程度的互操作性。”

以太网联盟理事会主席、戴尔首席技术官办公室首席以太网传播者John D’Ambrosia称:“对于以太网联盟来说,这可以称得上是一个重大的突破,因为这不仅需要投入大量的时间和资源(+本站微信networkworldweixin),同时还需要以太网生态环境中的各领域厂商展开空前紧密的合作。事实证明,我们不仅实现了既定的互操作性测试目标,还为高速融合数据中心通信的下一步发展打下了坚实的基础。以太网联盟将继续积极进行类似TeraFabric Plugfest这样的互操作性努力,以确保以太网的发展和在全球的扩展。”

关于TeraFabric Plugfest测试和以太网联盟互操作性项目的其他信息已经在互联网上公布。所有以太网联盟成员还将可以获得关于TeraFabric Plugfest详细测试结果的白皮书。关于以太网联盟的更多信息请浏览http://www.ethernetalliance.org,欲获知最新动态请在推特上关注@EthernetAllianc,访问以太网联盟的Facebook页面,或加入以太网联盟的LinkedIn群。(以太网联盟供本报专稿,范范编译)



Ethernet Alliance Breaks New Ground with Successful TeraFabric Plugfest

Ethernet industry’s first broad-scale interoperability test unites diverse vendors and technologies in preparation for the next generation of terabit-ready networks

BEAVERTON, OR, November 8, 2012 – The Ethernet Alliance, a global consortium dedicated to the continued success and advancement of Ethernet technologies, today announced the successful completion of its TeraFabric Plugfest. The groundbreaking plugfest brought together the industry’s largest and most disparate array of Ethernet product and technology vendors in a multi-vendor test environment at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL). The gains achieved during the TeraFabric Plugfest have allowed the Ethernet ecosystem to move anotherstep closer to realizing the next generation of multi-vendor converged datacenter networks.

“This is the most diverse interoperability testing event the Ethernet industry has seen to-date in terms of the sheer number of unique vendors, products, and technologies represented, all working in concert to accurately represent the entire spectrum of a converged data center,” said Chauncey Schwartz, chair, Marketing Committee, Ethernet Alliance and seniortechnical marketing manager, QLogic. “Using an approach incorporating multiple Ethernet speeds, vendors, technologies, and protocols, we were able to successfully construct and transmit data through a 1Tb-capable fabric. Thanks to Ethernet’s continuing maturity and the solid foundation laid during the TeraFabric Plugfest, we’re ready to make the leap into tomorrow’s terabit-enabled future.”

With 18 vendors in attendance, the TeraFabric Plugfest set a new standard for industry-wide cooperation and collaboration. Plugfest participants represented a cross-section of Ethernet switch, storage, adapter, test equipment, and cabling industry leaders, including Amphenol Corporation (NYSE: APH), Applied Micro (NASDAQ: AMCC), Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM), Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO), CommScope, Inc., Dell Networking and Dell EqualLogic (NASDAQ: DELL), Emulex Corporation (NYSE: ELX), Foxconn International Holdings Ltd. (HKG: 2038), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), Ixia (NASDAQ: XXIA), JDS Uniphase Corp (NASDAQ: JDSU), Leviton Manufacturing Co., NetApp Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP), Nexans S.A. (EN Paris: NEX),Panduit Corp., PLX Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLXT), QLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QLGC), Samtec, Inc., Siemon Company, TE Connectivity Ltd. (NYSE: TEL), and Volex (LSE: VLX).

Among the notable achievements realized during the event was the successful use of 10GBASE-T in data center bridging (DCB) architectures end-to-end over the maximum length of 100-meters. The event also saw the industry’s first multi-vendor public test of the official IEEE Data Center Bridging Exchange (DCBX) standard 802.1Qaz. In addition, 40GE was successfully tested for the first time in a multi-vendor DCB environment. Cabling vendors also performed thorough signal integrity testing for direct-attach copper cables. Additionally test cases were run using direct-attach passive and active copper cables as well as direct-attach active optical cables. Tests were also completed using 40GbE breakout to four 10GbE copper cables.  These cable tests demonstrated the robustness and interoperability between 40GbE implementations, as well as between different rates of Ethernet.

“With the increasing convergence of various technologies onto an Ethernet fabric, the demonstration of Interoperability will be paramount to the success of some of these new and emerging technologies,” said Erica Johnson, director, UNH-IOL. “With over twenty years of Ethernet testing experience, the UNH-IOL was happy to assist the Ethernet Alliance as we seek to foster our vision for a more Interoperable future in an increasingly heterogeneous environment.”

“This was truly a breakout event for the Ethernet Alliance in that it required unprecedented cooperation of vendors from every corner of the Ethernet ecosystem, as well as significant investments of time and resources. The results speak for themselves – not only were we able to achieve our current interoperability testing goals, we’ve laid groundwork for the next evolutionary stage of high-speed converged data center communications,” said John D’Ambrosia, chairman, Ethernet Alliance, chief Ethernet evangelist, CTO office, Dell.  “The Ethernet Alliance will continue to actively pursue interoperability events such as the TeraFabric Plugfest in an effort to ensure Ethernet’s global expansion and advancement.”

Additional information about the TeraFabric Plugfest and other Ethernet Alliance interoperability events is available online. A coming white paper with full details and results of the TeraFabric Plugfest will also be made available to all Ethernet Alliance members. For more information about the Ethernet Alliance, please visit http://www.ethernetalliance.org, follow @EthernetAllianc on Twitter, visit its Facebook page, or join the EA LinkedIn group.





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